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Vapor Trail Bullets unofficially started in the winter of 2013. I, Tom, was contacted by a good friend, Jim Bauer, to see if I was interested in making bullets. We talked several times and decided to meet up at the IBS winter meeting and discuss the venture. Before we left the meeting in Pennsylvania, we had purchased Clay Spencer’s Equipment over the phone. Two weeks later, I found myself under the instruction of Clay Spencer.

I spent time listening, videoing taping, and experiencing “hands on” the art of bullet making from Clay. Heading back home after 6500 miles of driving in a few short weeks, I had a lot on my mind and was excited to get started. With the help of Jim Bauer, Jason Walker, Andy Ferguson, Jake Hesse, and Ronnie Scott, we began construction on the shop.

We officially started business June 2014. I still had so much to learn. There were many late nights and “head scratching sessions”. Things started to fall together with many questions still to be answered. I turned to my friend and mentor, Randy Robinett. (I am not sure he knows this, but I am very grateful for his guidance!) If it wasn’t for his BIB 104 bullets, I don’t think I would have attained my goal of Shooter of the Year in 2013.

My life long obsession of hunting and shooting led me down this road. The desire for precision is what drives me forward wanting to make the very best Long Range bullets possible.

I want to thank everyone who put faith and trust in me to supply bullets to them from the start, knowing full well I was in over my head with so much more to learn. Thank you Jim and Sally Bauer , RG Robinett, Rich Elijah, Lanny Branch, Frank Husky, to all that have made Vapor Trail Bullets shine at the highest levels of competition, and most of all Sara and Rory for putting up with me through this learning curve and putting in a lot of long hours in the shop.



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Phone: 660-748-8111 (Tom)